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EXINDEX gives the modern trader the platform of choice. Keeping it simple is the vision while maintaining the utmost security and reliability.
We aim to provide traders with all the educational materials they need to make knowledgeable trades and to equip them with the trading tools they need to succeed.
This concept in the past few generations has a stigma attached to it whereby only large amounts of cash and successful business people could invest in stocks or trade foreign currencies. And it is still wrongly assumed by too many people, that large investment sums are needed.

Our Strategy

EXINDENX has established a strong foundation from which it is well positioned to deliver future growth. EXINDENX’s strategic priorities have to date differentiated, and will continue to differentiate, EXINDENX from its competitors and be fundamental to EXINDENX’s future success.

Increase trading volume

EXINDENX’s consistent focus on innovation, best-in-class user experience and breadth of offering are the key elements of increasing activity of Active Customers on the Trading Platform. EXINDENX’s continued emphasis on innovation will enable it to continue to be amongst the first to market in launching new instruments which customers find desirable, such as high profile, newly listed equities.

Increase market

EXINDENX intends to increase its market share in the jurisdictions in which its offering is currently available and expand its geographic reach over time through entry into new jurisdictions in which it does not currently have customers and by focusing on acquiring New Customers from regulated markets, particularly those New Customers residing in Western European countries.


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